India InCH presents an Address Directory of over 70,000+ craftspeople, weavers and traditional artists working across India in over 2500+ crafts.

Why Register- This comprehensive list is ideal for those who wish to contact, meet, buy from, design, develop, research or simply get in touch with the makers and the practitioners directly – without traders, without intermediaries.

About the listing –To make browsing easy the search facility available to subscribers can be accessed by craft name, by place (State/UT), by craft category, by the gender of the artisan, by those awarded national and other recognitions, by keywords and by some combinations of these criteria.

New contacts and additional details are updated regularly.

However before subscribing to this list please note:

As we all know the huge numbers of craftspeople across India continue to work anonymously. This address listing is probably the first and the only one of its kind that focuses on the accessing of craftspeople directly.

Over 87% of handloom weavers live and work in rural parts of the country (NCAER Census Report 2009-10); this figure can be assumed to be equally true of other craftspeople and of the folk and tribal artists. Thus the recommended way to contact craftspeople is to travel to the locations indicated in the address directory.

In the listing only about 20,000+ craftspeople have their mobile numbers listed. Often these numbers are inaccessible for reasons that include poor connectivity to a lapsed recharge.

While we are updating and checking this on a weekly basis this is the ground reality of the directory.

This address listing can be accessed only by those who register for the service.

How can you access this Practitioners list? You can access the listing by subscribing to this service.

Subscription Offer: Subscription is available for only US$ 50 or Rs. 2999(+GST). For this minimal amount you can access the list for a period of six months.

What do I do next? Register in the form given on the right.

How do I pay? Multiple payment modes are available
For payments within India- Credit /Debit Card, Netbanking, Wallet, UPI
For payments outside India- Paypal

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